Family Charter

Based on his years of assisting families, as banker, accountant and then consultant, Bruce has developed a template for a Family Charter.

The Family Charter is designed to protect against common vulnerabilities, and help insure that family wealth is protected for current and future generations. Its purpose, in a nutshell, is to articulate family goals and policies, perpetuate family wealth to future generations, and educate younger family members about their roles and responsibilities, with regards to family wealth.

Bruce is offering to assist families, through a consultative process, to design a document that will provide clarity and guidance for all family members.

Family wealth creates opportunities, but cannot solve the ordinary problems that challenge every family. These problems can threaten family harmony, lead to poor decisions, and eventually impair family wealth. It is not possible to avoid mistakes or to anticipate all threats to the family. However, common vulnerabilities, which the Family Charter is designed to address and mitigate, include:

  • Divorce
  • Unsustainable draws or family wages
  • Unsustainable gifts
  • Business failure
  • Inadequate tax planning
  • Undisciplined investment decisions
  • Loans to family members and friends
  • Family disputes arising from ambiguous roles and responsibilities
  • Disputes with unrelated shareholders
  • Health emergencies.

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  • MBA (Finance)
  • CGA (Certified General Accountant)
  • CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant)
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